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The Tenancy Law (1963) (amended in 1965)

The government may announce the renting of any field or land from a specific date specified in the announcement. At that date the right to rent of the landlord will end. (1) The tenant farmer of the government or landlord must pay tax to the landlord at the following rates : (a) Renting fee is the same wage as cultivating rice for the year. (b) Renting fee is three times the wage for cultivating Chili, Onion and Virginia in the year or the special crop rate of Sugar cane. (c) Renting fee is two times the wage of cultivating Chili, Onion and Virginia in the year.
(2) As prescribed in sub-section (1), the rent for cultivating a farm is noted as the renting fee for the whole year of cultivation. The tenant farmer is not responsible to pay additional rent fees for cultivating multiple crops or subsidiary crop on that land in the same year.
(3) The Renting fee shall be paid in cash.