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The Land Nationalisation Act (1953)

Five principles of the Land Nationalization Act 1953 :
to be strictly observed. (1) The status of tenants and cultivators must not be allowed as a result of land nationalization, (2) Owner cultivators must be given exemption from resumption of their agricultural lands as provided in the Act, (3) There must be no bar to the right of exemption from resumption of agricultural land belonging to resident non-agriculturists who are capable of working and also undertake to work their own lands in accordance with the provision of the Act, (4) Democratic principles must be observed in granting exemption from resumption and distributing agricultural lands and finally, (5) Payment of fair compensation must be made in respect of agricultural lands resumed by the state. In implementing land nationalization, there were three categories regarded as vital tasks viz. (1) resumption of land, (2) redistribution of land, and (3) compensation.