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The Forest Law (1992)

Section 3 : This Law shall be implemented in accordance with the following basic
principles :
(a) to implement the forestry policy of the Government ;
(b) to implement the environmental conservation policy of the
Government ;
(c) to promote the sector of public co-operation in implementing the
forestry policy and the environmental conservation policy of the
Government ;
(d) to develop the economy of the State, to contribute towards the food,
clothing and shelter needs of the public and for perpetual enjoyment
of benefits by conservation and protection of forests ;
(e) to carry out in accordance with international agreements relating to
conservation of forests and conservation of environment ;
(f) to prevent the dangers of destruction of forest and bio-diversity,
outbreak of fires, infestation of insects and occurrence of plant
disease ;
(g) to carry out simultaneously conservation of natural forests and
establishment of forest plantations ;
(h) to contribute towards the fuel requirement of the country.