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The Attorney General Law (2001)

The duties of the Attorney General are as follows :-
(a) tendering legal advice when so requested by the State Peace and Development Council, the Government or any Government department and organization ;
(b) appearing in criminal cases on behalf of the State ;
(c) appearing on behalf of the Government in civil cases in which the Government is a party as the plaintiff or defendant ;
(d) filing necessary appeal, special appeal or revision to the Supreme Court in respect of adjudication of Courts at different levels that are not in accordance with law ;
(e) scrutinizing, drafting and translating laws ;
(f) tendering legal advice to the relevant Government departments and organizations as to whether or not the State should be a party to international conventions and regional agreements ;
(g) tendering legal advice to the Government departments and organizations on matters related to bilateral or multilateral treaties, memorandums of understanding, memorandums of agreement, local and foreign investment instruments and other instruments,
(h) bringing to the notice of the Government departments and organizations, if their acts are not in conformity with law ;
(i) giving legal protection to the people in order to enable them to fully enjoy their legal rights and privileges.
(j) guiding and supervising the Office of the Attorney General, the different levels of Law Offices and Law Officers ;
(k) performing other duties as are prescribed by the existing laws and rules or rules, procedures, orders and directives issued under this Law ;
(l) performing other duties as are assigned by the State Peace and Development Council.