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Myanmar Property Law

The Caste Disabilities Removal Act (1850) The Hindu Widow’s Remarriage Act (1856) The Land and Revenue Act (1879) The Married Women’s Property Act (1874) Specific Relief Act (1877) The Kazis Act (1880) The Transfer of Property Act (1882) The Land Acquisition Mines Act (1885) The Upper Burma Land and Revenue Regulation (1889) The Partition Act (1893) The Burma Laws Act (1898) The Lower Burma Town and Village Lands Act (1899) The Towns Act (1907) (amended in 1947) The Village Act (1908) (amended in 1955, 1961) The Embankment Act (1909) The Code of Civil Procedure (1909) The Registration Act (1908) The Hindu Disposition of Property Act (1916) The Rangoon Development Trust Act (1921) The City of Rangoon Municipal Act (1922) (amended in 1955, 1958, 1960, 1961, 1991) The Cantonments House Accommodation Act (1923) The Water Power Act (1927) The Hindu Inheritance Removal of Disabilities Act (1928) The Hindu Law of Inheritance Amendment Act (1929) The Hindu Gains of Learning Act (1930) The Custodian of Movable Property Act (1945) Public Property Protection Act (1947) The Requisitioning Emergency Provisions Act (1947) The Land Nationalisation Act (1953) The Urban Rent Control Act (1960) (amended in 1960, 1961) The Tenancy Law (1963) (amended in 1965) The Law Safeguarding Peasant Rights (1963) Electricity Law (1984) (amended in 1990) The Transfer of immoveable Property Restriction Act (1987) (amended in 2005) The City of Yangon Development Law (1990) (Amended in 1995 and in 1996) Duties and Rights of the Central Committee for the Management of Cultural Land, Fallow Land and Waste Land (1991) The Law for the Repeal of Laws (1992) The Forest Law (1992) The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law (1993) Development Committees Law (1993) The Child Law (1993) The Development of Border Areas and National Races Law (1993) The Protection of Wildlife and Conservation and Protection of Natural Areas Law (1994) Myanmar Mines Law (1994) The Protection and Preservation of Cultural Heritage Regions Law (1998) Judiciary Law (2000) Highways Law (2000) The Attorney General Law (2001) The City of Mandalay Development Law (2002) Order No. 3 Conferring Powers relating to Land Administration (2007) Cantonment Development Law (2010) The Ward and Village Tract Administration Law (2012) Notification 1/2012 : Vacant, Fallow and Virgin Lands Management Rules Farmland Law (2012)