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Myanmar Special Economic Zone Law (2014)

Section 72 : In employing citizens skilled workers, technicians and staff in relation to the employment, the employment agreement shall be signed by the employer and employee and shall be employed in accordance with the existing Labour Laws and Rules.

Section 73 : The investor shall arrange the training and course relating to the relevant subjects by the type of business for the improvement of the skill of the citizen staff.

Section 74 : The investor shall employ only the citizens in the work where high technology and skill are not required.

Section 75 : The investor shall, in employing citizen skilled workers, technicians and staff who are required of high technology and skills, have appointed the citizens at least 25 percent the first two years from the commencing year of operation, at least 50 percent in the second two years, at least 75 percent in the third two years.

Section 76. (a) The relevant Management Committee shall negotiate and mediate the disputes arising between the employer and the employee, the technician or the staff in the Special Economic Zone. (b) If no settlement has been reached although negotiation and mediation were made by the relevant Management Committee under sub-section (a), such disputes shall be dealt with pursuant to the Trade Dispute Act.