The project

Founder of the Project

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Dr. REMI NGUYEN, French, Ph.D. in Private Law, Managing Director of MLR Company Limited

I have obtained my Ph.D in Private Law with regard to the codification of civil law in Myanmar. In my thesis, I explain why Myanmar should adopt a Civil Code.

I am very proud to help and support legal modernization in Myanmar by providing knowledge and access of Myanmar Law.

In 2017, I have set up a law firm called MLR Company Limited in Yangon with two partners. Our company provides legal advices and services.

Please contact us, I will be pleased to provide you any advice you may require

Why was the Project conducted ?

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It is recalled in a visible manner in the library of the Law department of the University of Dagon in Yangon that « Ignorance of the law is no excuse ».

Actually, this old adage does represent a legal fiction. Indeed, it seems impossible for each Burmese citizen to know or even apprehend the existing body of law of the Burmese legal system. But it is important to remember that even though this adage could be considered as being unreasonable, it is undeniably fundamental as an accused person could refer to its ignorance of the law to avoid sanctions. Without this adage, legal rules would lose their efficiency.

Furthermore, knowledge of the law is intrinsically linked to legal certainty. Thus, to achieve this goal, access to law is crucial. This website is humbly aimed at providing for students, teachers and law professional the possibility for them to analyse legal rules and in general, its legal system.

Therefore, the gap between the citizens and the law could be filled. Allowing knowledge of the law and development of research on Burmese Law would turn the myth into reality.


During my research, I was able to gather numerous sources of Burmese law such as case law or statute law within libraries of the law departments of universities or by purchasing books in law bookstores. This work was fastidious due to the very little number of books or manuals of law existing on the market.

This website is far from being exhaustive, it is a first step toward a simplified access to Burmese law and it is also a way for me to express my gratitude to the people who helped me a lot, personally and professionally, during my stay in Myanmar. Indeed, I would sincerely like to thank the following people for their assistance, support and attention because without them, this project of website could never have started :

F Robinne
Dr. François Robinne,
Former Director of IRASEC
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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Dr. Jérémy Jammes,
Former Deputy Director of IRASEC
(Bangkok, Thailand)
M. U Tin Aye
U Tin Aye,
Advocate and Legal Consultant
(Yangon, Myanmar)
Dr Mon Mon Tar
Dr. Mon Mon Tar,
Former Dean of Law Department in Dagon University ; Law Professor
(Yangon, Myanmar)
Dr Thi Thi Lwin
Dr. Thi Thi Lwin,
Law Professor at East Yangon University
(Yangon, Myanmar)
U Htun Than
U Htun Than,
Lecturer at Yangon University
(Yangon, Myanmar)
U Kyaw Naing
U Kyaw Naing,
French Embassy
(Yangon, Myanmar)
Dr Susu Mon
Dr. Su Su Mon,
Lecturer at Yangon University
(Yangon, Myanmar)


They support us

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Ms. Chamai Permpoon,
Manager for Scans,PDF Format, OCR
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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Mr. Phung Marc,
Database Administrator
(Paris, France)

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Mr. Simonnet Jean-Philippe,
(Paris, France)


They contribute to the website

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Pruksathorn Family,
Sutech Co., Ltd
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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Mr. Suwit Greesaeng,
Sutech Co., Ltd
(Bangkok, Thailand)
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U Phyo Win Latt,
Ph.D Candidate, NUS
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Somsak Deekang,
(Bangkok, Thailand)