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The Burma Laws Act (1898)

Pursuant to Section 13 of Burma Laws Act 1898, 1) Where in any suit or other proceeding in the Union of Burma it is necessary for the Court to decide any question regarding succession, inheritance marriage or caste, or any religious usage or institution : (a) the Buddhist law in cases where the parties are Buddhists, (b) the Muhammadan law in cases where the parties are Muhammadan and (c) the Hindu law in cases where the parties are Hindus,shall form the rule of decision, except in so far as such law has by enactment been altered or abolished, or is opposed to any custom having the force of law. (2) [....] (3) In cases not provided for by sub-section (1), or by any other enactment for the time being in force, the decision shall be according to justice, equity and good conscience.