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Why was the Project conducted ?

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It is recalled in a visible manner in the library of the Law department of the University of Dagon in Yangon that « Ignorance of the law is no excuse ».

Actually, this old adage does represent a legal fiction. Indeed, it seems impossible for each Burmese citizen to know or even apprehend the existing body of law of the Burmese legal system. But it is important to remember that even though this adage could be considered as being unreasonable, it is undeniably fundamental as an accused person could refer to its ignorance of the law to avoid sanctions. Without this adage, legal rules would lose their efficiency.

Furthermore, knowledge of the law is intrinsically linked to legal certainty. Thus, to achieve this goal, access to law is crucial. This website is humbly aimed at providing for students, teachers and law professional the possibility for them to analyse legal rules and in general, its legal system.

Therefore, the gap between the citizens and the law could be filled. Allowing knowledge of the law and development of research on Burmese Law would turn the myth into reality.